Tamiya TA82181 Tamiya Lacquer Paint LP-81 for Mixing Blue

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SKU TA82181
Type Miscellaneous
Manufacturer Tamiya
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This specific LP bottle BLUE color is for MIXING. The paint inside uses solely blue pigment. It causes minimal cloudiness when mixed and is recommended for making your own custom hues.

• Bottle contents: 10ml
• Use this paint for mixing. This paint contains blue pigment. Other pigments are-not-utilized to ensure purity of color. *Please note that using this mixing color by itself will result in a certain amount of transparency and may let plastic or paint colors beneath show through.
• When thinning lacquer-based paints or cleaning painting tools and airbrushes, you can use Item 82110 (LP-10 Lacquer Thinner (10ml)) and Item 87077 (Tamiya Lacquer Thinner (250ml)).